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Human beings, as socially inclined creatures, have embraced technology to connect with others. Every year, there is an increase in the number of people signing up and using social media sites.

For marketers this means there is huge potential to reach a massive and engaged audience on social media. And this is not just limited to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this post, you will discover 60+ social media sites that you can use to promote your brand and engage with your target audience. Some of these platforms might even help you make valuable connections in your areas of interest.

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List of the most used Social Media Sites worldwide.


This is easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most used. And, Facebook was perhaps the first to pass the 1 billion user account milestone.

Social network created by Marck Zuckerberg in 2004 that was born with the purpose of connecting people, but which today also serves to connect businesses. Despite what some consider it to be in decline, Facebook is still the most used social media sites network in the world.


This social networking site allows you to post short text messages (called tweets), containing a limited number of characters (up to 140), to get your message across to the world. With the growing craze for online shopping, Twitter also makes it possible to promote your business and even shop directly through tweets.


It is both one of the most used social media sites networks today and a mobile photography application. The truth is that Instagram is the platform with the greatest potential in recent years. If you have a business, perhaps this is the best way to show your friendliest face and your most empathetic side, without neglecting professionalism.


LinkedIn is easily one of the most popular professional social networking sites or apps and is available in more than 20 languages. It is used worldwide by all kinds of professionals and serves as an ideal platform for connecting with different businesses, locating and hiring ideal candidates, and more. It is the network par excellence of professionals and Social Selling since you can network, generate synergies and job opportunities.


TikTok is one of the most successful social networks today. His short-format music videos have been successful among younger audiences, and increasingly among not-so-young audiences and companies that are beginning to see their full potential.


Even though Facebook bought this instant messaging service in 2014, it still functions as an independent company.

It arrived on the scene much later than Facebook, but it has been able to capture the imagination of millions of people around the world by giving them the ability to instantly communicate and share with individuals and groups. The WhatsApp calling feature is just the icing on the cake.


This instant messaging network is similar to WhatsApp and is available on all platforms in more than eight languages. However, Telegram has always been more focused on the privacy and security of the messages you send over the Internet using its platform. Thus, it allows you to send encrypted and self-destructing messages. This encryption feature has only just become available for WhatsApp, while Telegram has always provided it.


This multilingual social platform, which is available in more than 30 languages, is known for its instant text messaging and voice messaging capabilities. You can also share photos and videos and audio messages, using Viber. It gives you the ability to call non-Viber users through a feature called Viber Out.


LINE is a global messaging social network that allows you to share photos, videos, text messages, and even messages or audio files. Also, it allows you to make voice and video calls at any time of the day.


This is an all-in-one communications app for messages and calls (similar to WhatsApp) that allows you to connect with the people of your choice. It was also developed by Tencent in China and can easily work alongside QQ. The number of WeChat users is rapidly catching up with the number of WhatsApp users.


Tencent QQ (better known as QQ) is an instant messaging (chat-based) social media platform. It went international (with more than 80 countries using it), after its release in China.

I t can be used to keep in touch with friends through text messages, video calls, and voice chats. I t even has a built-in translator to translate your chats.


This is a visual bookmarking and photo sharing social media sites or app that lets you find new ideas for your projects and save them. So you can do DIY or home improvement projects, plan your travel schedule, and more using Pinterest.


This is a social picture messaging platform that allows you to chat with friends through the use of pictures. It allows you to browse news and even watch live stories that are happening around the world.


Tagged is fundamentally oriented to adolescents or young people, it focuses on meeting other people with common interests and for play.


A photo sharing site similar to Flickr but very popular in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. Fotki is perfect if you are looking for people of other languages and customs.


It is a platform very similar to Flickr and its biggest competition. The audience and 500px target are also the photographers.


It is one of the largest social networks for graphic designers or people interested in this field. Dribbble was born in 2009 and is more relevant in the United States.


It is a well-known photo sharing site. The truth is that Flikr is one of the oldest portals for meeting photographers on the net, which, although it has lost some steam, is still present on the Internet, thanks to the fact that it was acquired by SmugMug, a paid image portal.


Discover the places and things you like, with all the photos you take. Then upload them to EyeEm


It is an image RRSS available in 7 different languages, much like Pinterest or Instagram. At Weheartit you can find the style that best suits you.


This Adobe social network is the favorite of creatives. On Behance you can view and share your professional images and designs. It also has videos, stories and chats, and works as an interesting employment platform for the art and design sector.


YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing social networking site that allows users to upload and share videos, view, comment and like them. This social network is accessible worldwide and even allows users to create a YouTube channel where they can upload all their personally recorded videos to show their friends and followers.


Similar to established players like YouTube, Vimeo is a platform for sharing videos. However, it has more features and frequently targets professionals.


A video network of comedy and jokes. On Funnyordie users can rate and share videos with like-minded friends and post their own clips.


Another well-known online video sharing platform is Dailymotion. Users can browse, upload, and share videos on the website using the network. Dailymotion is a commonly used online video sharing service with a 2GB file size limit and a 60-minute movie duration constraint. Additionally, by joining the Dailymotion Publishing Partner programme, content creators can share in the profits from their videos that have been monetized. Dailymotion provides the most adaptable revenue-sharing solutions for content producers through in-video ads, sponsored content, and monetization through a personal website.


Focused on the family, Cross.TV has a user interface similar to that of Facebook, although with a very focused theme on religion and Christianity.

The Twitch platform is a RRSS owned by Amazon, which initially focused on fans of video games and the “gamer” scene in general. However, it has been expanding its offer and functionalities and it is a network that is standing out in the streaming scene.


BeBee is very similar to LinkedIn, but unlike it, hobbies also have their place here.


This professional social networking site offers similar features to LinkedIn features, with its main users in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. However, it is unique in that it allows for closed group discussions between members of a certain company or business.

Actually, it may or may not be used as a social network. What is certain is that, if you still do not have your own website where you can advertise your services, you can use to unify all the links to your Internet profiles.


VK is one of the largest social media platforms in Russia and has very similar features to Facebook.


Actually, Reddit is a platform very similar to Twitter in terms of its informative nature and world news. This social media platform allows you to submit content and then vote for the content. Voting determines whether content is moved up or down, which is ultimately organized by areas of interest (known as subreddits).


This is a local search and discovery based social media platform that allows you to find the ideal places (based on your location) to meet up with friends and loved ones. It also provides appropriate search results for the best dining establishments, nightlife venues, and more in your area. The social networking feature is now available in a separate app called Swarm.


This dating-based social networking site operates in more than 200 countries. Share details about nearby people in your area and even people you’ve bumped into in real life.


This is a music focused social networking site and provides a user submitted and interactive network of friends. It also provides blogs, groups, personal profiles, photos, videos, etc.


StumbleUpon is a smart social media sites platform that finds or discovers content and recommends the same to its users. Thus, you have the power to discover web pages, images, videos, etc., and then rate them based on your interest and liking.


It is a networking platform that helps everyone involved in the creative process to connect, collaborate and market, helping to build a stronger, more profitable and diverse creative sector.


Launched in 2012, this is a private sharing app especially for parents as it provides them with a safe way to capture special moments. You can share your pictures with anyone you want and keep them away from snoopy eyes.


One of the largest global social networks and is predominantly occupied by teenagers, very popular among the French-speaking world.


Truly, ReverbNation is a social hub for musicians, independent producers, and music venues to share and communicate.


From movies, where you can suggest, comment and share movies with friends. Flixster is a great option for moviegoers.


This social networking site helps activists connect around the world with like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations that are making an impact on society. It also encourages people to lead a healthy and green lifestyle.


A community for knitters, both hobbyists and crochet professionals. Undoubtedly, Ravelry represents a new concept.


This is a private social networking platform for neighborhoods in the United States. The goal is quite simple: allow users to connect with people in their area.


A mobile social network for mobile gaming enthusiasts to meet and play with other mobile gamers. In Cellufun you are going to have a good time playing, and you will kill the spare time that you have during the day.


Sharing service, which allows users to connect with school friends. The problem with Classmates is that it is only valid for people from the US.


A family tree where you can share photos, comments and genealogy of your family. I invite you to use MyHeritage and tell me what you think.


Viadeo is a business-based online social networking site that helps business people, mostly from Europe, connect with each other. It is available in different languages.


This San Francisco-based social networking site is available in Russia as Zhivoy Zhurnal or Zhe Zhe. It allows users to keep a diary, blog, or diary, along with privacy controls.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online is an anime-themed social media and forum-based website. It provides users with access to avatars, virtual world, games, etc.

We Heart It

Available in more than 20 languages, this photo-sharing social media site is ideal for users’ daily dose of inspiration or motivation. It allows users to view and share highly inspiring images with their friends.


Emerging platform that allows users to participate in virtual communities created around ideas, events and areas of interest, around music and pop culture.

In addition, Buzznet is ideal if one of your preferences is to follow the evolution of the famous of the heart.


For visual artists designed to show and share their work. Thanks to DeviantART you can share all kinds of works.


Formerly known as myYearbook, MeetMe is aimed at users who want to find new friends and chat with them. This makes it very popular among teenagers and young students.


It makes it easy for users with common interests to meet online and network through the social network and set up a meeting. MeetUP is undoubtedly a great platform to create and attend events of all kinds. expresses your passion and what you think with a beautiful magazine created based on your interests and where you can interact with other profiles.


A great network for passionate readers to share their book recommendations, as well as discover books that may interest them.

It is a platform similar to ResearchGate, where academic papers can be shared, commented and feedback among colleagues.


The network of contacts with which to find people near you. Tinder is fundamentally very used to fall in love.


Generalist platform very similar to the Facebook model, popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. Although it has not been very successful in Spain, Hi5 can be a quality alternative to the most used social networks here.


CaringBridge was designed for families or friends who want to create a crisis center, and want to post and share updates on the topic to a larger community.


A community for knitters, both hobbyists and crochet professionals. Undoubtedly, Ravelry represents a new concept.


I’m sure you’ve never seen this concept of a social platform that vTime offers us before.


Well, Wattpad is based precisely on the power of telling stories, this original social platform that unites people through narrative.

Even in the recruitment and registration strategy of this network, they encourage you to join them, giving you reasons so that, thanks to your stories, you can get there, why not? to edit your own movies or write your own book.


Depending on the lifestyle you have, you usually have some customs and, in turn, read a series of books on one or another subject.

And in turn, taking into account that in the world we live in we have less and less time for this healthy hobby, Storytel offers you a payment platform to listen to all those books on your mobile that you cannot consume due to time.


These social networking sites are among the most well-known and significant in India.

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